About us

This community has been designed for people to gather, chat, and share their thoughts or experiences. This is primarily a Christian website, though there are procedures in place to allow almost anyone to chat and operate within it progressively, and functionally, as long as they operate within the guidelines of chat, and within the confines of the law.


  • Please be respectful of others and their privacy, and respect your own. Don't take any personal advice without going over it with a trained professional. Don't sweat the small stuff. Love and be loved. If you find yourself getting irritated or upset, use the features available to remedy it, such as ignore, change rooms; or leave the room for a bit. "There are many things to do here besides chat,". If you or anyone you know appears to have lost their tinfoil hat they generally wear, don't panic. Chat coliseum only allows people that are over the required age to be communicating on line publicly with strangers, unless they have written and signed consent by a legal guardian. Try to welcome all people that have come to gather here. The domain owner/s and any affiliates of Chatcoliseum are not responsible for anyone's experiences while here.