About us

This community has been designed for people to gather, chat, and share their thoughts or experiences. The original Chatcoliseum had shutdown, and I was asked to make another site for our chatters. I decided to use the same name with a different extension, so that long time chatters will be able to find chatcoliseum easily, or eventually while searching for the older domain name. The programs used in this website differ slightly from the older site, and shouldn't take much time to get used to, as it continues to be styled and transformed with available time. This is primarily a Christian website, though there are procedures in place to allow almost anyone to chat and operate within it progressively, and functionally. I would like to pay tribute to our friends that have left us, so if anyone has any memmorial write ups or pictures, I will work on setting something up for that. I believe allowing near everyone to participate in this community can add to a persons wisdom and understanding. If you have any problems, questions or perhaps answers, feel free to find someone to talk or pray with about it. If you are having problems with any part of the site functionality, please let a longstanding local chatter know, and try a different browser, or contact the site tech by email.


  • Please be respectful of others and their privacy, and respect your own. Don't take any personal advice without going over it with a trained professional. Don't sweat the small stuff. Love and be loved. If you find yourself getting irritated or upset, use the features available to remedy it; or leave the room for a bit. "There are many things to do here besides chat," and do whatever it is that you do to make yourself feel better. If you or anyone you know appears to have lost their tinfoil hat they generally wear, don't panic. Chatcoliseum only allows people that are over the required age to be communicating online publicly with strangers, unless they have written and signed consent by a legal guardian. Try to welcome all people that have come to gather here. The domain owner/s and any affiliates of Chatcoliseum are not responsible for anyone's experiences while here.


  • Who is recieving the donations?
  • You are donating to the tech at Chatcoliseum, so that server and domain costs can be met. I will also look into registering this as a charity, so that you can use your donations as a tax write off, if applicable in your country.
  • How much do I need to donate to chat?
  • Any amount will help and add up fast if many are doing it. You don't need to donate anything to chat here, as it's all free to use, however without donations, this site will not be able to exist.
  • What am I donating for?
  • To have the ability to chat here, and get continuously more functionality of the room. All donations will be spent on extending the hosting and domain account.
  • Can I donate monthly?
  • yes, you can make it reoccurring if you want to, and you may cancel at any time.
  • How do I donate?
  • Find a donation button on this site that will connect you to donate by paypal.
  • Is pay-pal safe?
  • Paypal is the number one online service for payment methods, so it should be.
  • Shouldn't I be worried about using my credit card online?
  • I don't believe thats a worry, however if you are worried, you can also use a preloaded credit card to use for online purchases.
  • How do I know what my donation is being used for?
  • If Chatcoliseum is still up and running you will have a good idea as to what is happening with your donation, and donaters are welcome to see reciept of purchase if they ask.

To keep everything up, we want to get a good head start in adding on more time for domain and server time, so that hopefully some day it will be maxed out at 10 years worth.

Thank You
On behalf of all people that chat here, and myself, I would like to thank you for making the continuing use of Chatcoliseum possible.